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Feeling Constipated? These 5 Tips Will Help.

I’ll be frank, today’s conversation may feel totally awkward, especially since we’ve only just met.

But talking about your bathroom habits should be right up there with discussing your healthy diet and daily exercise routine. Regular bowel movements are a sign of good health, and are nothing to be embarrassed about.

Yet for many of us, toilet talk is one of the most embarrassing discussions to have.

On my new-client intake form I ask about digestive health, and there is one particular question that 80% of my female clients jump past as quickly as possible.

The question: “Do you experience regular constipation, diarrhea or gas?”

The most common answer from female clients: “No, nope, not me.”

Whereas my male clients… well, you can imagine the detail!

I totally get it. For the longest time I was SO embarrassed to talk to my husband about anything that went down in the bathroom that we had to create a code word for that daily constitutional.

We call it “The Mouse”. Best not to overthink it.

Of course that kind of daintiness can only go on for so long before it gets old. I’m not embarrassed anymore, and I hope that you’re not either.

So let’s throw this topic on the table and have a good ol’ chat-a-roo about our toilet habits, and in particular how to relieve constipation.

In today’s video I’m sharing five simple tips that will help to keep you regularly regular.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, scoot to the end of the page and grab the recipe for the fiber bowl — a concoction that will seriously change your life.

To Recap, Here’s What We Discussed:

Tip #1 = Stay Hydrated

Tip #2 = Chew Your Food

Tip #3 = Move Your Body

Tip #4 = Eat Fiber (soluble AND insoluble)

Tip #5 = Squat On The Pot

And Here’s Your Fiber Bowl Recipe:

This one is a game changer! Have it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and immediately follow with a very large glass of water. Once your system gets used to the fiber-hit you can increase the quantities a little bit.

~ 1 tablespoon psyllium husks (available Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Amazon etc)

~ 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds

~ 1/2 tablespoon slippery elm bark powder (I usually order mine online)

~ Ground cinnamon to taste

~ 1/2 cup coconut water

~ 1/2 cup filtered water OR 1 cup filtered water only

Mix everything together and drink immediately.

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

What helps you to keep your digestive system happy and humming along? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

With Love,

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How To Store Fruit And Vegetables | Jennifer Dene

How To Store Fruit And Vegetables For Maximum Shelf Life

As a health coach and keen home cook I’m regularly asked for simple tips that make healthy living easy. One of the first suggestions that I give is to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen each weekend to prepare fresh produce.

Knowing how to store fruit and vegetables correctly will not only extend the shelf life of your produce, it also makes it a breeze to eat healthfully during the busy week.

Here are three reasons why I do this every weekend:

  • It may sound lazy but I hate washing fruits and vegetables every time I cook. Having clean produce in the fridge makes it easy to munch my way to good health.
  • Knowing how to correctly wash and store your fruit and vegetables will keep it fresh for longer, saving you time and money.
  • The time spent up front will save you hours during the week. If I spend about two hours each week on Sunday Prep, I will have a healthy dinner on the table every night in 30 minutes or less (including washing up).

In today’s video I’m sharing 6 storage tips that will keep your produce fresher for longer, and help you to eat more fruit and vegetables every day.

(Think you don’t have 30 minutes to spare on the weekend? Get my free audio training: Take Back Your Time To Create A Body & Life That You Love. Click here to learn more)

Tip #1 Invest In Storage Containers & Ziploc Bags

Airtight glass storage containers come in handy for storing “crunchy” produce such as radishes and snap peas, as well as chopped vegetables and leftover meals. Plus it’s oh-so-satisfying to stack them neatly in the fridge. 

Tip #2 Store Leafy Greens & Herbs In A Punctured Ziploc Bag

Fruits and vegetables emit an odorless, colorless gas called Ethylene that triggers the ripening process of produce. Leafy greens are particularly sensitive to Ethylene gas and will quickly wilt when shoved in the refrigerator next to other produce.

Storing greens in bags protects them from the gas emitted by other produce, and the small holes allow the Ethylene emitted by the greens themselves to escape. Using this one trick allowed me to keep a head of bibb lettuce fresh for over two weeks!

I actually filmed a video exclusively on washing and storing leafy greens. You can watch it here.

Tip #3 Wash Thick-Skinned Produce

You might not think to wash the inedible skin on produce like lemons, avocado, pumpkins and melons, but every time cut into these fruits and vegetables you are taking the dirt and chemicals from the peel and slicing them directly into the flesh. 

Tip #4 Store Asparagus In A Glass Jug

This tip goes for anything that has a tendency to wilt, including herbs, baby carrots and scallions. Sticking the ends in a glass jug with an inch of water will keep this produce crisp and crunchy.

Tip #5 Keep Tomatoes & Stone Fruit On The Bench

I never refrigerating tomatoes or stone fruits. This isn’t to prolong their shelf life — they will continue to ripen on the bench — but it will make them taste a lot more vibrant.

Tip #6 Don’t store your potatoes and onions together.

Potatoes produce a LOT of Ethylene gas and onions are super sensitive to the stuff, so storing these two veggies side by side will quickly turn your onions brown and soft.

It’s been fun to be in the kitchen with you today! See you again soon.

With love,

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Sugar In Healthy Food

How Much Sugar Is In The Healthy Food You’re Eating?

Do you know how much sugar is in the “healthy” food that you’re eating?

It’s probably much more than you think.

“There is often loads of sugar in healthy food, or at least food that we’re told is healthy.”                 Click to tweet.

But just because a product label claims to be “healthy”, “organic” or “natural”, it doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you. 

Terms like healthy and natural are not strictly regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which makes it easy for shoppers to be misled. In fact, often the least healthy foods make the grandest number of claims.

Take a box of Kellog’s Raisin Bran for example. The bright packaging is covered with claims such as: heart healthy, a good source of fiber, made with whole grains, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, made with real fruit…

But the proof is in the pudding, and this cereal has 17g of sugar per single (one cup) serve. Pudding indeed.

And cereal isn’t the only offender. Many products carrying the “healthy” label are loaded with added sugar.

Today’s video is for you if you’ve been trying to:

Eat better • Sleep better • Have more energy • Reduce mood swings • Reduce belly bloat • Lose weight…

Why? Because reducing your sugar consumption will help you get there. But in order to reduce how much sugar you’re eating you first need to know exactly where the sweet stuff is lurking in your fridge and pantry, how to find it, and what to choose instead.

In the video below I’m chatting with you about:

  1. How to read nutritional labels and ingredients lists to find out how much sugar a product contains
  2. Highlighting some of the main sweet offenders
  3. And to wrap up I’ll show you how to swap these products for healthier alternatives

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

What healthy food swap will you be making this week, to reduce your overall sugar consumption?

Join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

You can download the cheat sheet that I mentioned, by clicking the image below.

Cheat Sheet- Hidden Sugars - July 19, 2016

Just to recap, here’s your task for today:

  • Set aside 15 minutes to read the nutritional labels and ingredients list on the packaged food in your fridge and pantry.
  • Discard anything that you find from the “high offender” list, and make a note to buy the low sugar alternative at the store tomorrow.

Thank you so much for joining me here on Jennifer Dene Wellness. Together we can create a bright, healthy and purpose-filled future for ourselves, and the women that come after us.

With love,

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P.P.S Sad to think about breaking up with cereal? Don’t be! Make my low sugar bircher muesli recipe instead >>>
Love Your Body And Life | Jennifer Dene Wellness

7 Ways To Love Your Body And Life This Week

Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to eat right, get enough exercise, honor your work and life commitments, and still find a little bit of time for yourself?

Can you say, without hesitation, that you truly love your body and life?

As women we often put ourselves on the back burner, putting our own health and happiness after that of everyone else. But there are consequences to neglecting your own needs, and they’re much more serious than just feeling a little overwhelmed.

  • Physically you might experience weight gain (or being underweight), muscular complaints, and digestive issues.
  • Mentally you might feel anxious, have trouble sleeping, or even feel depressed.
  • Emotionally you might experience self doubt, feeling apathetic and complacent, or feeling disconnected from your life’s purpose.

And if that’s not enough, here’s another reality…

If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we have nothing left to give to others. Tweet This

You have one body and one life, so it’s time to start loving it, caring for it, and really living in it.

In today’s video I’m introducing my brand new series 7 Ways To Love Your Body And Life This Week. Over the course of this series I will guide you through the seven daily tasks that are the foundation of living in a body and life that you love.

After each video you will walk away with one simple strategy that you will help you to make those positive changes to how you feel about yourself and your life.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch I’ve love to hear from you.

Do you struggle to put yourself first?

Are you ready to commit to these seven simple steps that will help you feel more positive, healthy and inspired?

I sure hope so! Please leave a comment below, so that we can support each other as we take this journey together.

You can download your free Self Love Checklist that I mentioned in the video by clicking here.

Then, dive into the next video, where I’ll show you how to start appreciating your physical body today.

Thank you so much for joining me here on Jennifer Dene Wellness. I know that together we will create a bright, healthy and purpose-filled future for ourselves, and the women that come after us.

With love,

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P.S. Don’t forget to download your Self Love Checklist. Here it is.