Well hey there, I’m Jennifer Dene…

Celebrity trainer and creator of The Dene Method. I’m so glad that you’ve joined the Jennifer Dene Wellness community! My practical, down-to-earth approach to healthy living has helped my clients — from Hollywood celebrities and CEOs to stay-at-home mums — reach their ideal weight, live their best lives and love the skin they’re in.

I believe that women need to put themselves first and get back in the drivers seat of their own health and happiness, which is why I’m on a mission to make fitness, nutrition and self care not only simple, but utterly enjoyable. 

 Here’s a little secret

The truth is that you DO NOT need extreme diets or grueling workout routines to get in brilliant shape. In fact, the diet and fitness “rules” that you’ve learned from the glossy magazines and one-size-fits-all programs are actually preventing you from creating the body and life that you want. 

So I’m here to help you break those rules…

And show you how to create a beautiful body and life on your own terms. It all starts with doing four things:

  • Adopt a self love mindset
  • Find food freedom
  • Move your body
  • Live with intention


Let’s simplify the healthy living process!

I make healthy living crazy easy. I take away all the mumbo jumbo and give you the practical, step-by-step strategies that you need to be your best you.

If you’re sick of being held hostage by your diet, workout routine or negative self talk, then you’re in the right place my friend!

Within days of working together you will increase your energy and lower your stress.

After just a few weeks you will have learnt exactly how you need to eat and exercise to suit YOUR unique body type.

And in as little as three months you will have achieved life-changing results, reaching your ideal weight, and feeling more fit, gorgeous and energetic than you have in years.

At Jennifer Dene Wellness fads are out, sustainable results are in, and when it comes to healthy living, I believe that an approach that’s enjoyable is the only one that’s going to work. Through my blog and tailored coaching programs, women will discover how to create the beautiful body and life that they want — with results that truly last.

And because this journey can feel pretty lonely…

I want you to know that I’ve been there too. For more than a decade I battled eating disorders, depression and anxiety. My weight and fitness levels fluctuated without rhyme or reason. I spent a lot of time questioning my self-worth and believing that I was never “enough”— constantly thinking about my weight, my diet, or what I believed was wrong with me. Eventually I hit rock bottom, which was lucky, as that was where I needed to go in order to pull myself back up.

So now I’m here to help you skip the heartache, and make your journey — from feeing lack-luster and lost, to fit, feminine and fabulous — one that is quick, simple, enjoyable and sustainable.

I will teach you how to create a sexy, healthy body AND build a fulfilling, happy life. And I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

We can work together today…

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you done with navigating the B.S. of weight loss, health, fitness and lifestyle advice?

Are you totally over not seeing results that match the massive effort you’ve put in?

Are you not interested in another quick-fix, but you’re ready to achieve results that last?

If so, you’re the exact woman I love working with. I coach ambitious, driven women who want to improve their relationship with food and their body, and I make the process of getting fit and healthy truly enjoyable. You can find out more, and book your complimentary phone consultation with me here

Or you can join my free four day Self Love Challenge…

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Finally, here are seven things you may like to know about me!

  • I have a degree in journalism from University of Technology, Sydney — Australia’s top communications university
  • I believe that loving yourself, nurturing your relationships and having fun, are more important than broccoli, blueberries and working out
  • I’ve never met a potato that I haven’t liked. Chip ’em, bake ’em, mash ’em…it’s all good!
  • I love the early mornings. You can catch me at my best at 6:30am. Don’t expect me to be the life of the party after 9pm
  • Champagne is my beverage of choice
  • I regularly write for the top wellness publications, including Mind Body Green and The Huffington Post
  • And that “Dene” in Jennifer Dene is pronounced “Dean” like James Dean 🙂


My Official BioJennifer Dene Wellness

Elite Personal Trainer & Group Fitness InstructorAustralian Fitness Network

Certified Pilates Instructor Elixr Pilates, Balanced Body University

Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Trainer  — Fusion Pilates

Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach – Institute For Integrative Nutrition, NYC

B/A Journalism & CommunicationsUniversity of Technology, Sydney

Let’s Connect

The best way to connect with me online is via the JDW private Facebook Group or directly by email at info@jenniferdenewellness.com

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