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Well hey there, I’m Jennifer Dene…

And welcome to Jennifer Dene Wellness! I’m here to let you in on a secret – the health and fitness “rules” that you’ve learned are actually preventing you from creating the body and life that you want. So I’m going to help you break the rules.

It’s not rocket scienceLosing Weight After 40 With Jennifer Dene

The truth is that weight loss isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to follow specific diets or do crazy workout routines to feel great about yourself.  All it takes to lose weight and keep it off is making simple tweaks to your current lifestyle, and loving and respecting yourself every single day.

Jennifer Dene Wellness simplifies weight loss

I make healthy living crazy easy. I take away all the mumbo jumbo and give you the simple step-by-step strategies that will help you reach your ideal weight.  If you’re sick of being held hostage by your diet then the Jennifer Dene Wellness community is the place for you.

You’re not alone — I know how it feels

I’ve struggled with eating disorders, depression and anxiety, weight gain, and just generally feeling pretty down on myself and my body. After spending over a decade on the diet rollercoaster, and never feeling as if I was “enough”, I realized I had to make a change. Now I love helping other women do the same.

Here’s what to do next

Kickstart your healthy living journey by creating more time!

Without time you simply can’t implement new healthy changes. Plus, your body needs space to rest and reset to look and feel its best. Click here to download your free copy of Take Back Your Time: Practical Lessons In Creating Time Freedom For A Healthy, Happy Life.

Work with me. If you’re ready to take the next step and would like to learn more about my 1:1 weight loss program, schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation with me here.

5 fun facts about Jennifer Dene

  • I have a degree in journalism from Australia’s top communications university.
  • I believe that loving yourself, nurturing your relationships, and having fun are more important than broccoli, blueberries and working out.
  • I’ve never met a potato that I haven’t liked. Chip ’em, bake ’em, mash ’em…it’s all good!
  • I love the early mornings. You can catch me at my best at 6:30am (but don’t expect me to be the life of the party after 9pm).
  • I’m a featured contributor on many of the top wellness sites, including Mind Body Green & The Huffington Post.

My Official Bio

Personal TrainerAustralian Fitness Network

Pilates & Pre/Post-Natal Pilates TrainerElixr Pilates, Balanced Body University, Fusion Pilates

Certified Health Coach – Institute For Integrative Nutrition, NYC

B/A Journalism & CommunicationsUniversity of Technology, Sydney

Let’s Connect

The best way to connect with me online is in the comments section on my blog, via Instagram, or directly by email at jennifer@jenniferdenewellness.com

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