Healthy Living Habits: Separating Fact From Fiction

Healthy Living Habits: Separating Fact From Fiction

Put down your green juice* and step away from the detox!

We’re midway through January, which means that we’ve spent the past two weeks being bombarded with messages that tell us how to be a better, fitter, healthier, happier, and just an all-round more enlightened human being.

This time of year it’s hard to open a magazine, watch a talk show or skim through your inbox without being slapped in the face with articles that highlight your flaws under the thin veil of “self help”.

I’ll be the first to admit that I often read these kind of articles. Let’s call it morbid curiosity. But while I used to see this stuff as gospel, these days I read with fascination about the crazy schemes that people in my industry can come up with.

They know that the single fastest way to selling products is by making someone else feel insecure. Especially women, and especially when it comes to losing weight and feeling comfortable in their body.

Of course, there’s no better month than January to dig into people’s fears. Holiday indulgences look a lot less festive in the bleak light of the new year, and those quick-fix detoxes suddenly seem much more appealing.

So let’s separate fact from fiction, and chat about the one thing that you ACTUALLY need to do to develop the healthy living habits that allow to create a body and life that you love. 

Drumroll please…

The secret to lasting weight loss and long term health is this: follow through on just ONE fundamental healthy living habit until you can do it on autopilot.

Instead of splitting your focus twenty different ways, and making grand statements about everything that you’ll change in the year ahead, choose just one simple task and do it every single day until it becomes a habit.

It’s difficult to get motivated when you’re overwhelmed. Choice is the enemy of action. It’s easier to say that you’ll do and change a dozen things about yourself, rather than actually changing just one.

So I need to repeat it: step away from the detox. Choose one new healthy habit to start today, and repeat it every day until it becomes just another part of your every day lifestyle.

Healthy living is a journey, not a destination. Don’t limit yourself to being perfectly healthy for one month out of the year, but rather commit yourself to being generally healthy every single day.

And while we’re chatting about it, I do have a new program this year. And because I’m not interested in pulling the wool over your eyes, or convincing you that this is something that you need, I’ll lay out all the facts below and let you make up your own mind:

The Weight Loss Starter Kit

The Weight Loss Starter Kit is my fundamental week-long program that walks you through the seven essential daily habits that you need to lose weight, improve your health, and increase your energy.

These seven habits are not new, they’re not sexy, and they’re not complicated. But you better believe that they’re effective (and chances are that you’re not doing them).

I’ve made this thing crazy easy to follow — I know that you’re busy — so you’ll receive just ONE email from me each day for a week. In that email is one simple healthy living habit that you can implement right then and there. At the end of the seven days I’ll bundle it all up as a pretty little PDF, and send that your way with a couple of bonus gifts.

There are seven daily habits that are the foundation of living a healthy life. Without them there’s not point in dabbling in anything more complicated, like the detoxes, cleanses, bootcamps or health retreats.

Like the KISS principle says, Keep It Super Simple, and watch the results roll in.

Purchase The Weight Loss Starter Kit here for only $14.99

With love,

JDW Signature

*P.S. While I actually have no qualms with green juice, but plain old water will always be king.

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