Take Back Your Time: How To Create Time-Freedom For A Healthy, Happy Life.

A simple seven day e-course that teaches you the 7 ESSENTIAL daily health habits you need to feel Fit, Feminine & Fabulous! (Plus practical tips that make sure you'll actually do them!)

Jennifer Dene

Healthy living should be simple and enjoyable. With The Fit, Feminine & Fabulous Starter Kit, it is. 

Hey there! 

I'm Jennifer Dene, founder of Jennifer Dene Wellness and creator of The Dene Method.  

I believe that taking back your health is simple, and falling in love with your body and life should be as uplifting as the bubbles in a glass of Champagne. 

You DO NOT need body-shaming or extreme lifestyle changes to reach your ideal weight. 

You DO NOT need to spend hours on a treadmill or eat boring, tasteless food to be healthy. 

You DO NOT need to live in a cycle of diets and deprivation to fall in love with your body and life. 

In fact, there are only seven things that you need to do to take charge of your health and happiness...and each one is super simple and extremely enjoyable!

In The Fit, Feminine & Fabulous Starter Kit you'll learn these seven ESSENTIAL daily habits so that you can start creating a healthy body and life that you love, as soon as today. 

Meal Plans And At Home Workouts

Get ready to reveal your best body and live vibrantly every day! (It's easier than you think!)

Here's How It Works

In this seven day e-course you'll learn exactly how to rebuild YOUR ideal healthy life, one small step at a time. 

Over seven days you’ll receive seven emails, each containing one simple yet essential healthy living habit that you can implement straight away. These are the strategies that I used to reach my ideal weight, increase my energy, and fall back in love with my body and life.

While these strategies may not be complicated, they're powerfully effective, and they're all you need to do to start nurturing your beautiful body from the inside out. 

At the end of the seven days you'll receive one final email with your own copy of Fit, Feminine & Fabulous: The Starter Kit e-book to download, so that you can continue to revisit and refine each of these daily strategies.  

"Working with Jenn was one of the best decisions I've ever made — not only am I healthier, but I've lost 31 pounds so far!"

Here's What You'll Get

  •  More energy
  •  Clearer skin
  •  Reduced bloating
  •  Better sleep
  •  A slimmer belly
  •  A metabolism boost
  •  Increased fitness
  • Free time & "me time"
  •  and so much more!

Here's What To Do Next

1. Click here to buy your copy of Fit, Feminine &&Fabulous: The Starter Kit today.

2. You'll quickly receive a confirmation email straight to your inbox.

3. Tomorrow your first daily email will arrive, with just one simple healthy habit for you to complete.

4. Each day after that brings with it one more email, and one more habit, until you've not only learnt, but followed through, on all of these seven essential principles.

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