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Drop The Group Fat Talk

Drop The Group Fat Talk

Today’s mindful rant is about overcoming the female pack mentality. Or why you need to drop the group fat talk (and eat your egg yolks). I once worked at a

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Why I Only Do The Bare Minimum

I’ve started teaching Pilates at a new health club in Los Angeles. It’s the type of place where membership costs more than a small car payment and everyone wears black.

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The Life Changing Habit Of Loving You

Some things in life have been well worth my time. Like getting a degree, learning to drive a stick-shift, and color-coding my wardrobe. Others have not. I would gladly take

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Can You Train Your Brain To Be Happy?

Are you happy? If not, did you realize that you can train your brain to be happy? In his funny and enlightening 2011 Tedx Talk, The happy secret to better work, positive

Attitude Is Altitude

On my last trip to Sydney, I did what I always do. I stood still and watched the surfers play. Midway along the cliff-top walk that runs from Bondi Beach

I’m a writer and women’s wellness coach, and I’m here to help you transform your relationship with yourself, your health and your body.


At Jennifer Dene Wellness I offer up simple and sustainable healthy living advice, and teach you about the radical power of self love.


My practical, down-to-earth approach to healthy living has helped my clients — from Hollywood celebrities and CEOs to stay-at-home mums (and even myself) — reach their ideal weight, live their best lives and love the skin they’re in.

Now let’s do the same for YOU.

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